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Francis grew up surrounded by horses at his mother’s riding school and unsurprisingly, he started riding at a very early age. He always dreamed of being a full time rider and after his success in Pony teams left school to pursue his dream of riding full time.  Francis also decided to have a backup plan to riding and began a career in horse dentistry which would enable him to ride whilst he worked as an equine dentist. Eventually Francis decided that he needed to concentrate on riding full time as his riding career developed and he had built a strong team of horses and owners

Francis has now built a successful string of horses and a strong support team around him to enable him to keep riding and competing at the highest level of the sport.

He lives in East Sussex with his wife Sam and children Max & Amber.  Max is keen to follow in his father’s footsteps with a career in riding and is already showing talent riding and producing his young ponies in the world of Show Jumping with fantastic results already at the young age of 10.  Both children are enthusiastic members of Eridge Pony Club and enjoy regularly taking part in rallies and competitions.

His wife Sam, works hard keeping the wheels in motion and everything running smoothly and efficiently.  She also looks after Francis’ competition and training diary, as well as managing the children’s competition diary, which means lots of diaries to manage.